7 Proven Dental Lab Marketing Ideas That Get You More Accounts Fast

Dental Lab Marketing

The dental lab space is highly competitive, but you do not have to be complacent about growing slow. Your dental lab, like businesses in all other industries, will benefit from a sound marketing strategy.


Dental lab marketing is one of the most powerful ways to acquire new accounts and grow your dental lab quickly. Before diving in and investing a ton of money in dental labs marketing, you should first know the basics.


In this post, we explain the top dental lab marketing techniques that can help you scale your lab, and how dental laboratory marketing experts can help.

1. Social Media

Social media is not just for fun, it’s a powerful marketing tool that your dental lab needs to leverage. You can build your brand effectively with social media marketing for dentist . Every company needs a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business account, and your dental lab is no different. Use social media for inbound marketing to save a ton of money on marketing while still attracting new patients. Hubspot found that 62% of companies gained new customers from LinkedIn!

2. Dental Lab Website Design

One of your first opportunities to impress new potential clients is with your dental lab website. The overall user experience of your website can either be an incredible marketing asset or a huge detractor. You need a professional dental lab website with intuitive navigation. Your website should use clean colours and design, display your dental lab name and logo, and rely on clear sub-headings. Additionally, you must make your value proposition clear and include calls to action throughout.

3. SEO

You could have the best dental lab website ever, but if nobody sees it, then it doesn’t matter. You need to optimize your website for Google and other top search engines by implementing search engine optimization. Using these strategies, you can get your website to show up in the top queries for relevant searches. SEO boosts your website visibility, ultimately helping you to attract more website visitors that you can convert with your well-designed dental lab website. Dental SEO Service Includes :
  • Keyword research
  • Content (web pages and blog)
  • Correct hyperlinks
  • Constant monitoring and adjusting

4. PPC

While SEO and social media are effective, paid ads will help you see immediate results and rapidly boost your visibility. You can run pay-per-click (PPC) ads for your dental lab on Google and/or social media sites. Additionally, PPC will help you target clients for high-value services. There’s no guesswork with PPC, it’s completely measurable and predictable. You can track your progress, determine your ROI, and reduce your customer acquisition costs.

5. Email Marketing

If you do not have one already, then you absolutely need to build an email list. Most of your prospects won’t convert right away, but don’t give up on them! Following up with leads consistently will lead to more conversions than ever before. One of the best ways to do this is with email marketing for dentist. Including a website lead magnet (an offer with a clickthrough link to your site) will help grab attention and direct the leads back to your site. Get creative with your lead magnet, and create something that is valuable to your target customer. For example, you may use an eBook, white paper, or course that you created as a lead magnet.

6. Referrals and Reviews

Your existing customers serve as another beneficial marketing tool. Many of your current customers would be happy to offer a referral if you asked for it. Referrals and reviews demonstrate that your dental lab is credible, and will help potential customers make the jump.

Of course, you should have a section on your website where people can leave referrals or testimonials. However, you also need Google reviews. You can ask for reviews in-person or via email. Add a simple request for feedback at the bottom of your emails with a link to where to review on Google. You can also send friendly email reminders that feedback is incredibly important for your dental lab.

7. Host Events

If you have a large lab, it is a great idea to host different events. Even while in-person events are limited, you can host online webinars, seminars, and more. Create a consistent schedule for hosting these events, so that you build a long-term audience. Of course, you can send newsletters about the event or relevant information to those who attended your events. Hosting seminars and other events shows that your dental lab goes the extra mile, and allows you to directly interact with prospects.

Dental Laboratory Marketing Experts

All of the strategies above will help you nail dental lab marketing and grow your business fast. But, let’s face it, every marketing strategy has its own detailed list of best practices. Knowing how dental lab marketing works and being able to do it effectively are two different things. As a dental lab owner, you are not a trained dental laboratory marketing expert. You have so many other important business operations to worry about, but you know how critical marketing is. That’s where we can help. Dental Marketer has a knowledgeable team of dental laboratory marketing experts that will help you get more accounts quicker than ever using the marketing ideas above. To learn more about our dental labs marketing service, schedule your free discovery call here .

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