At Dental Marketer, we help dentists like you attract a steady stream of potential clients every month. You’ll retain more patients and keep them happier with automated, personalized follow-up systems—leaving you to enjoy more time to do what you love.
Our Mission

To become the premier partner for growing a dental practice online in Canada.

Our Vision

To help dentists choose the best solutions to run and grow their practices.


To help our clients direct their valuable time and energy to those who matter the most—their patients.

Our Core Values
  1. We believe in honest communication.
    We discuss expectations and roadblocks early in our communications, in order for us to better help dentists draw a roadmap to online success.
  2. We care about our clients.
    We are there not only to provide a one-time solution to an issue, but to work with and guide dentists through a process which will allow them to grow and develop better solutions for any issues that their business may come across.
  3. Our clients’ goals become our goals.
    For us to succeed, you need to succeed.
  4. Sometimes we conduct experiments—and we learn from them.
    There isn’t a standard recipe for success, and as we move along in the process, we may come across obstacles. It is not only important to develop ways to get around those obstacles, but to draw the knowledge from our experiences and ensure that we don’t meet that obstacle again.
  5. We keep going until you succeed.
    There’s a solution to every problem. Every idea is a good idea, and though the process of open discussion we will be able to pinpoint the one that will lead us to success.  
  6. We think “innovation.”
    We’re getting better ourselves every day, ensuring that our clients benefit from the most innovative ways to improve and grow their dental practices.