Schedule Your Breakthrough Session Now!
Schedule Your Breakthrough Session Now!
What People Are Saying
“23 calls on the first day”

We have received 23 phone calls on the first day of starting system without spending a dime on advertising!

Dr. Ronald Duncan | Hamilton, ON
“324 text messages from inactive patients in 4 hours”

We have been told to expect a busy day, but over 300 text messages from inactive patients were a little overwhelming.

Dr. Linda Massey | Chicago, IL
“Additional $81.6k in 3 weeks”

Just follow a proven strategy. We have just closed $81.6k worth of Invisalign treatments with just three emails.

Dr. David Williams | Toronto, ON

“35 5-star Google Reviews”

We have stopped paying for 3rd party review software, as we saw no results. Now we have 38 new Google reviews and 72 phone calls from Google – in only 3 months.

Dr. Betty Hoover | Mississauga, ON

“Over 40 new patients every month”

Before Dental Marketer we were barely having 10 new patients. Now we are consistently booking over 40 new patients every month.

Dr. Michael Robertson | Burlington, ON
“New website doubles my appointments”

There is a science behind building a dental practice website. Catching headers, patient flows and education resources are helping us increase the number of appointments.

Dr. Kevin Roney | Ottawa, ON
“238% increase in referrals”

We were not aware of so many missed opportunities. With a system in place, we take a full advantage of patient referrals.

Dr. Dianne Brooks | Toronto, ON
“29 5-star Facebook Reviews in 42 days”

We have received 29 5-star Facebook Reviews since using Dental Marketer’s Patient Reputation Management without even asking for them.

Dr. Susanna Tobey | Middletown, OH
“36% in reduced no-shows & cancellations”

We are not only able to monitor no-shows and cancellations; we have a proven system that we can follow to reduce these numbers.

Dr. Kyle Foster | New York, NY

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