How to inspire your dental team? It’s not what you think [Part 2]


In Part 1 of this article, we discussed what to do if your team blames, complaints about, and fails to support you when you need them most. If you missed it, you can read it now.

In Part 2 we will be talking about you…again! We’ll cover how reality reflects who you are. We call this concept The Mirror.

Do you give your power away to “the mirror?” Does what you see affect you? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you give your power away to The Mirror.

What do you like about the following statement:

If you don’t like the answer, ask a different question.”

Do you like the fact that you can create the reality you want for yourself?

What about this one:

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror (a reflection of you), change the way you look.”

We are back to the concept of who is holding the power. You or the mirror?

Some people try to change The Mirror-like using the whiteout to correct a spelling mistake. It doesn’t erase the problem – it only covers it up. You have to put in the effort to change the original document.

You don’t have to change The Mirror; you only have to change yourself.

That seems simple enough, but how do we do that?

Here is a great exercise that we share with all of our clients:

Picture yourself as a magnet attracting exactly what you want. Hold that feeling for 17 seconds, and you should start to feel your mirrors reflecting your desired reality. Seventeen seconds is long enough to shift your energy and your vibration to a higher level. It’s all about being mindful and focusing.

Then do these steps. They are easy enough to do anywhere – in your office, between patients, on your coffee break, even in the shower:

Step 1: Take three deep breaths. Each time, breathe in through your nose, then out through your mouth. Close your eyes on the third exhale.

Step 2: Return to regular breathing and focus on the present moment. Listen to your breath, note any sounds around you, feel the ground under your feet, or think about a scent you smell. Welcome peace and acceptance into your environment.

Step 3: Say to yourself: “I’m free to feel…”. Here, you will give yourself permission to feel something positive: relaxed, supported, valued, deserving of fun. Do it for 17 seconds. That’s it.

So… have fun with this exercise. Let us know how it worked out for you. Remember to open your eyes after Step 3! 🙂

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Tom Dywanski is a Mindset Coach at Dental Marketer. Before joining our team, Tom worked for over 20 years as Success Mindset Coach helping athletes overcome stress, anxiety that came with high expectations and pressure of performing at the highest level. Tom is a go-to person when it comes to topics of a positive mindset, goal setting, and goal-getting, team building, and has helped 100’s of clients improve their lives and careers.