What to Post on Social Media in February for Dental Offices

Social Media For Dentists - February Ideas
Approaching February, many dental practices are back to helping patients and working through their “new normal.” As we’re still fresh into the new year, now is the best time to get patients on track with their regular dental care.

February is an excellent time to reconnect with patients who may have fallen of in 2020, but it’s also a great time to reach new patients in your area. Social media is the perfect channel to communicate with current and prospective patients this month, while also building your brand awareness.

Here’s what dental offices should post on social media in February.

Dental Services

Use social media to get your patients on the right course for dental care this year. Patients are still getting back on schedule for health and dental appointments, as it has been very difficult to get in for many months. Remind patients of the key dental hygiene maintenance they need, and urge them to schedule now for the rest of the year.

While different patients may need different services, you can reach everyone with an oral cleaning reminder. Remind patients of the importance of regular dental cleanings and exams, answer any FAQs on the topic, and explain how they can schedule an appointment. Some other services to share information on this month include teeth whitening and cavity fills.


When people think February, they think Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th). A time to celebrate love (and some sweet treats). Take the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day online with your patients, but also use it as a learning opportunity for oral care after sugar consumption. Give patients some ideas on how they can celebrate Valentine’s Day without putting their oral health at risk, including some celebration ideas that don’t rely on candy or desserts.

Some other holidays to post about this month include:
  • Feb - Black History Month
  • Feb 3 - National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Allow patients to submit their favourite photo of them or a female role model playing sports. Use this as an opportunity to talk about the importance of protecting teeth during sports with mouth guards.
  • Feb 9 - National Toothache Day. Share tips for toothaches, ways to prevent and treat them, and signs you should head to the dentist for them.
  • Feb 17 - National Acts of Kindness Day. Ask your patients and dentists to submit acts of kindness they’ve received or done. Share them on your social media pages, especially your Instagram stories.
  • Feb 20 - National Love Your Pet Day. Feature fun photos of your team loving their pets.

New Changes

Did your dental practice make any big changes heading into the new year? Use February as a time to remind patients of your new changes, including COVID protocol. Share FAQs, reminders, and checklists so patients know what to expect when scheduling, visiting your dental practice, and more.

Smoother Social Media Marketing in February

Social media is a great resource for engaging with patients in a fun, interactive way, but it definitely takes time. We know just how busy you are already running your dental practice, which is why we are here to help. The team at Dental Marketer has the best resources for your social media marketing strategy. Skip the hassle with our Dental Marketer2021 Content Calendar for Dentists to plan out what you’ll post all year long. Do you still need images? Get all of the Social Media Images for dentists that you need, or supplement your current posting calendar with our 101 Social Media Post Ideas.

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