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67 Dental Appointments in 10Hr

67 appointments in 10hrs

The end of the year can either be a very difficult time for dentists or a very successful time. Dr.Ben wanted to make sure he would make the most out of the last few months of the year, but none of the marketing strategies he

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How To Book Patients For $25 Or Less?

How to book patients for $25 or less?

Do you have any experience with paid marketing? Have you tried it yourself, but never succeeded? Or worse… you‘ve hired a marketing company that couldn’t produce any results? Here are a few reasons why most of our clients have failed in the past: 1. They’ve

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invisalign patient

From 0 to 15 Invisalign cases in 3 weeks

Let me tell you about Emily, who had the OPPOSITE problem most dentists come to us with – she was in charge of a busy family practice.  Practice, where most of the income was coming from low profitable treatments. This created a problem – struggle

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