New Dental Website Climbed 6757 Positions for the Most Competitive Dental Keywords in Just 7 Days

Success of Dental Website
Your dental website is the hub of your online presence.

Frankly, it’s one of the most important tools for attracting new patients.

Dr. Kim knew this, and that’s why she turned to us for help.

She was the third owner of the dental practice in the last few years and faced extreme pressure. Patients were leaving the practice because of the frequent ownership changes.

She started with a simple Google search, for the top SEO companies in Canada (hint: this is a good way to see who puts their money where their mouth is and can rank for their own keywords!).

That’s how she found us.

In the past, Dr. Kim worked with subpar marketing companies. They never generated results for her. She told us she needed 5 to 10 new patients a month just to survive.

Creating a High-Converting Dental Website

We knew we were the perfect team to help Dr. Kim. She was surprised, and hopeful, to hear that one of our nearby top offices consistently averaged 50 new patients a month.

The first priority for Dr. Kim was her website. In such a competitive market, we knew we had to completely revamp her site’s structure and content. Her previous marketing companies wasted a ton of money by attempting other strategies when his current website needed an overhaul.

We began with keyword research, to find the most searchable keywords in the city. Based on our findings, we designed the website structure and services to cover all of these crucial keywords.

We then implemented our other high-converting dental website strategies to help Dr. Kim generate the return she needed quickly.

Incredible Results in Just 7 Days!

In the first 7 days after her new dental website went live, Dr. Kim has already generated incredible results. Her site already climbed 6,757 positions for 129 of the most competitive dental keywords.

Beyond that, she’s already acquired 5 new patients, including 2 dental implants patients. She also reactivated 2 patients.
Already, Dr. Kim is on the road to growing her practice. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future.

Dental Websites and Dental SEO in Canada

Are you able to track all of the relevant keywords for your practice? Do you know how to transform critical keywords into a high-converting website?

Understandably, most dentists don’t have experience with dental SEO. After all, that’s not your job!

But that’s why Dental Marketer is here to help. We’re here to help you craft a winning dental website and grow your practice through proven dental marketing strategies. Schedule a call where we can assess your dental practice and let you know how we can help. Click here to book your free strategy call.

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