Tips for Creating a Perfect Dental Newsletter

Tips for Creating a Perfect Dental Newsletter

Email marketing for dentists is an important strategy for building and maintaining patient relationships.


With simple dentist newsletters, you can reactivate patients and get even more appointments booked.


But what should you put in your dental newsletter?


Here’s what you need to know about the top dental newsletter examples.

Hook them with the Subject Line

Dental newsletters can be powerful, but only if you can get patients to open them! To do this, you need a compelling subject line. Your subject line should be enticing, intriguing, or urgent, but still honest.

Keep it Short

You don’t need to write a novel for your newsletter! In fact, the best dental newsletter examples are short and sweep. Get to the point, and make sure your newsletter is readable. Avoid fluff, and use short paragraphs.

Image-Centric Design

Instead of just sending over a boring blob of text, include some captivating photos! This helps keep their attention and get your point across. Sharing a case study? Show the before and after photo. Try to include photos from your practice, but you can always add some stock photos if need be.

Be Consistent

Just like every other marketing technique, email marketing needs consistency to work its magic. Consistently create and send newsletters to build rapport. Once a month tends to be a good sweet spot for regular, but not spammy, communication.

Ideas for Dental Newsletters

What should you talk about in your dental newsletter? Here are some dental newsletter examples:
  • Announce upcoming events
  • Share helpful oral health tips
  • Appointment reminders
  • Dental health week or month
  • Promote any specials you have
  • Highlight your team 
  • Promote a specific service
  • Ask for feedback
  • New patient referral request 
  • Dental health quizzes or trivia 
  • Link to new content on your site or social media (like a new blog post)

Marketing Services for Dentists

Email marketing for dentists is a great way to foster patient loyalty. Using the tips above you can create effective dentist newsletters. But let’s face it, this still takes time you may not have while also running your dental practice. 


That’s why we’re here to help with all marketing services for dentists! Our experts can handle email marketing for dentists and all of your marketing needs. We’ll help you grow your practice while you focus on your patients. 


Schedule your free breakthrough call to learn more!

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