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Dental social media is paramount for attracting new patients and forming lasting relationships in the modern digital age. It is easier to connect with patients on social media who may have never seen your website. Using social media, you can also leverage social proof and set yourself apart from the competition.

Simply having social media accounts is not enough, you need a social media marketing strategy specially designs for the dental industry.

Dental Marketer is a team of industry-leading experts who deliver measurable results for dental social media.

Our dedicated team has over a decade of experience in the dental industry specifically. With our marketing expertise, we have helped multiple dental practices nail their dental social media strategy and grow their practices.

No other team has the resources, knowledge, and level of service that we do. For results-driven social media marketing for dentists, look no further than Dental Marketer.

The longer you wait with your dental social media, the further you are falling behind.

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Dental Marketer is committed to simplifying and streamlining social media marketing for dentists. We offer comprehensive resources and services so that you can nail your dental social media marketing. Download your free resources below.
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Make your dental social media marketing stress-free and save many hours with our 101 Social Media Post ideas. We took the guesswork and hassle out of brainstorming social media post ideas with this industry-tested cheatsheet. Download it for FREE by clicking this link.

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Social Media Content Calendar

The best social media marketing for dentists is well-planned, current, and relevant. Our 2020 Social Media Content Calendar takes all the guesswork out of dental social media. This guide offers a full year of pre-planned social media dental content that covers unique themes, dental questions, dental hashtags, holidays, and more. Take your dental social media marketing to the next level with our 2020 Social Media Content Calendar HERE.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Paid ads provide immediate results, target patients for high-value procedures, and are measurable and predictable. Stand out against local competitors and tailor your information to your target audience. However, properly running social media ads requires marketing knowledge, time, and constant testing. The experts at Dental Marketer will help you get the most from your social media ads. Get started by clicking this link.

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Social Media Marketing for Dentists FAQ

To succeed with dental social media marketing, you do not need to use every single social media platform available. Focus your time and energy on the platforms where most of your patients are most likely to be. We recommend starting with Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business.
Dental social media can be overwhelming, especially while you are still running a practice. The best way to get started is by laying out some post ideas that you can later get images for and schedule in your calendar. Luckily, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you with our 101 Social Media Ideas for Dentists.
To effectively market with social media, you need to post the right content. While you want to share information about your practices and services, you also need to post diverse, engaging content. You should post office news, service information, deals, dental news/articles, testimonials, holidays, and more. The best way to ensure you are posting the right things at the right time is with our Social Media Images for Dentists and our Social Media Content Calendar.
Consistency is key to dental social media. You should make sure to post frequently. If possible, it is best to post at least once a day. Posting more frequently is critical for the social media algorithms, and will help you get your content in front of your ideal audience. Never run out of content to post with our extensive pack of Social Media Images for Dentists.
Growing your following gives your social media pages more exposure and leverage. Here are some of the best ways to grow your dental social media following:
  • Post daily.
  • Include location tags.
  • Use relevant hashtags.
  • Include an engaging CTA (ask a question, create a poll, etc).
  • Interact with your audience. Respond to comments.
  • Promote your social media on your website and in your practice.
  • Run a contest or giveaway on social media.
  • Share testimonials and reviews from customers.
Using social media properly is important. Always ask permission from patients before posting their photos. Avoid copyrighted photos. Instead, use your own original content or reputable stock images like the ones found in our Social Media Images for Dentists.

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