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What is Dental Intelligence?

Dental Intelligence is the top software available for managing, tracking, and scaling your dental practice. It connects with your dental management software to track every single aspect of your practice. The best part is that Dental Intel’s smart software instantly analyzes your practice data to find new opportunities, and then shares this information in an easy-to-read report.

Dental Intelligence

The #1 Software For Growing
Your Practice

A Standout Daily Standup

Morning Huddle

The first few minutes of each day are the most important. Dental Intel saves you countless hours with a fully automated report that:
  • Reviews your previous, current, and upcoming days.
  • Pinpoints new opportunities.
  • Provides detailed goals.
  • Highlights winning moments.
  • Outlines a plan for each team member.
  • Monitors team progress.
Automated Report Generated by Dental Intelligence Software
Never Miss A Patient with Follow Up Feature of Dental Intel

Never Miss a Patient

Follow Ups

Dental Intel will never let a patient slip through the cracks again. The Follow Up feature on Dental Intel automatically generates call lists for confirmations, unscheduled treatments, collections, and hygiene recare. This feature is proven to help you book and keep more appointments, which enhances productivity.

Performance Measurement

Provider Pulse

Automatically track all of your key performance metrics for every single provider. Set personal goals, view real-time data and learn exactly where they must improve to meet your goals.
Automatically Track Key Performance Metrics
Find Hidden Revenue Opportunities Smart Schedule

Find Hidden revenue opportunities

Smart Schedule

Dental Intel allows you to view your entire schedule weeks in advance. It also finds any openings in your schedule, and help you identify the best patients. The patient that needs more dentistry, the patient that will say yes, the patient that will pay, the patient that has a higher percentage of showing up, the patient that will generate more production for the practice.

Smart Caller ID

Call Intel

Connect Dental Intel to your phone system so you know who is calling, treatments they need, any due balances, scheduling opportunities, and more valuable information. Knowing this information before you even answer will improve the customer service you can provide, streamline phone calls, and increase your production.
Call Intel​
Instant Access to Dental Intelligence With Mobile App

Instant Access

Mobile App

Dental Intel includes a mobile app so you can access the information from any place at any time. Stay on track and view real-time data when you need it. With Dental Intel, there is no guesswork and no need to be tied down to a desktop. Easily manage your practice from the palm of your hand.

Dental Practice Analytics

Metrics & Reporting

Track every aspect of performance and finances with Dental Intel. The smart software is constantly gathering and reviewing data to find new opportunities for you. Save time on reports, while getting real-time data so you can fill your schedule and boost your revenue.
Dental Practice Analytics

Achieve Your Goals Quicker Than Ever

Benefits of Having Dental Intelligence Coach

The only thing that makes Dental Intel software even more effective for your dental practice? A Dental Intelligence Coach. When you choose Dental Intelligence partner Dental Marketer, you will be able to use the software to its full power and see the most significant results for your practice. They are a few reasons why you need a Dental Intelligence Expert:
  • Continuous coaching and support. We stick with you throughout and after set up to ensure you are using the software to its highest potential. We answer any questions you have and identify ways to enhance the software so that you feel comfortable with it and grow your practice.
  • Better Price. When you get Dental Intel through us, we can wave the setup fee and offer exclusive pricing discounts that are not available online.
  • Free Marketing Coaching. We will show you how to incorporate Dental Intel into your operations to take your marketing to the next level.

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FAQ About Dental Intelligence Coach

  • Intuitive interface and easy-to-use.
  • Actionable insights to promote data-driven decisions.
  • Helpful reports and metrics.
  • Understand your practice data.
  • Integrates directly with many dental practice management systems.
  • Facilitates collaboration.
  • Custom dashboards based on the goals for each person in the team.
  • Leverage insights from your practice data.
Dental Intelligence offers a pricing plan available upon request. Dental Marketer ensures you get the most competitive price and discounts. Our clients see at least a 20x ROI when they use Dental Intel with our coaching services. For more details on a pricing quote, contact us today.
Any dental practice can purchase Dental Intelligence. However, there are key benefits to purchasing through Dental Marketer including:
  • Waived set up free and discounts not found anywhere else. We get you a better price than you will get buying the software on your own.
  • Free coaching and continued support to make sure you use the software effectively to grow your practice and marketing efforts.
  • Next-level marketing.
  • Faster setup and deployment.
  • Educational opportunities.
Dental Intelligence is an incredible software that has all of the potential to completely change your practice for the better. Much like a gym, Dental Intel provides you with all the tools to be successful. However, in the same way, many people fail to use the gym to their advantage, many dentists fail to capitalize on the benefits of Dental Intel on their own. A fitness coach guides you through the gym, teaches you how to best use the equipment, and keeps you accountable. A Dental Intelligence coach helps you:
  • Understand the software and all of its nuances.
  • Helps you analyze the data and create actionable steps.
  • Ensures you capitalize on all of the incredible opportunities in front of you.
  • Keeps your entire team accountable.
  • Makes sure you have the latest features and updates.
  • Shows you the valuable marketing opportunities within the software.

The Dental Practice Analysis Report is an online analysis of your dental practice that tells you exactly what you need to improve to grow your dental practice. Normally, this analysis is $700, but with Dental Marketer it is free. Claim your free Practice Analysis HERE.

Dental Intel works with many of the most widely used dental practice management software including Dentrix, OpenDental, and Eaglesoft.

Get Your 100% Free Dental Intelligence Growth Report Today!

Your Roadmap To Follow

Get Your 100% Free Dental Intelligence Growth Report Today!