How to book patients for $25 or less?

How To Book Patients For $25 Or Less?
Do you have any experience with paid marketing?

Have you tried it yourself, but never succeeded?

Or worse… you‘ve hired a marketing company that couldn’t produce any results?

Here are a few reasons why most of our clients have failed in the past:

1. They’ve tried to do it themselves.
Google encourages you to do your paid marketing yourself, with a little help from them. If that was so simple we would not be in business.

2. They’ve hired a marketing company but had no control over the process.
If you are handing over money to someone who is not clear how will the money be spent to help you grow your practice – think twice.

3. There was no reporting & accountability.
You are trusting your marketing company – that’s great! – but this doesn’t have anything to do with trust. You have to measure the progress to know if you are heading in the right direction. No track of numbers, no clear vision for the progress.

All 3 reasons mentioned above applied to one of our clients, Dr. Michelle. She has wasted countless hours and 12 months worth of expensive marketing – with no significant results.

But then she put her trust into us…. And after just a few weeks, Dr.Michelle started generating new patients for less than $25.

Let me just explain how we did it.

The key to successful paid advertising are your numbers. First of all, you should track all the metrics and compare them each week to spot the progress and monthly trends. The table below shows exactly that.
These are a few basic numbers that you or your marketing company supposed to track:

Clicks – Monthly number of clicks from Google Ads to your website.

We have achieved 160 clicks for a total of $511.13 in Google Ad spent that month.

Impressions – Monthly number of Google Ads being displayed to people who were searching for certain services in your area.

6184 for Dr. Michelle.

Conversions – Total number of phone calls and appointment requests generated by your Ads. We’ve had 26 people reaching out.

Cost per Conversion – Average cost per call or appointment request. That has given us the $19.66 per conversion.

At the end of the day, the most important number is the Average Cost Per New Patient.

In our example: out of 26 appointment requests and calls, 21 patients have booked appointments with the average cost of $24.34 per new patient.

Here are some other stats that you should be on the lookout. The table below shows the monthly progress of paid marketing:

If there are numbers that you are not happy with or progress of your PPC campaign does not meet your expectations it’s time to make a change!!!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your dental practice is. Whether you have been doing marketing in the past or not, these strategies work for every dental office. If you would like to have a clear, predictable, working like a clockwork marketing strategy you should invest in paid advertising.

Let us help you grow your practice NOW! Request your FREE PPC Audit ($250 value) that includes website recommendations, local visibility, social engagement, competitors analysis and more!

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