How a single dentist made $950k working 2 days per week without spending a dime on marketing

How A Single Dentist Made Per Week Without Spending On Marketing
Most dentists who book a consultation with us want to increase production by growing the number of new patients.

And this is a pretty easy process when done right…

You tell us the number of new patients you need, and we can tell you the approximate patient acquisition cost based on your practice location and neighbourhood competition.

This cost could be anything from $25 (check our case study here – How To Book Patients For $25 Or Less?) to $75 per patient.

This is probably the least challenging way of growing the practice.

But is it the best one?
The rapid growth of new patients would increase your overhead, eat away at your free time, and impact your entire team without offering a huge short-term boost in results.

But did you know there is a better way of growing production without sacrificing your time and spending money?

Let’s take a look at the real way a dentist skyrocketed his production to 950,000 by working 2 days a week (and not spending a dime on marketing).

Dr. Mark purchased his 2nd practice in 2019. He had spent a lot of money on paid marketing in his first year and quickly grew the production to $1M. Then the pandemic hit, and it forced him to completely stop the marketing. That hugely impacted his practice (see the New Patient chart below)
New Patient Chart
He started losing more patients every month than he could drive organically to his office. His practice started to shrink at quite a rapid pace.

But fortunately, he found us at the right time.

We quickly looked at all his numbers and realized that the only way to grow his production without marketing and adding stress was to grow his production per visit and decrease the number of days his practice is open.

Just by focusing on these two aspects, we were able to bring his $653,874 in 2020 up by $300,000, to $949,811 in 2021. At the same time, we also drastically decreased his overhead so more of that production was profit.
His production per visit has almost doubled for several months. For example, production per visit went from $325 in July 2020 to $592 in July 2021.
Yearly Production Per Visit
Dr. Mark today is working 2.5 days in his 2nd practice. He also realized that if he would be able to keep his production per visit consistently high for all of 2022, he could grow his practice by another $250k without increasing the hours or ramping up marketing.

It’s Time to Increase Your Production Per Visit

How about you?

What’s your production per visit?

Do you know how to increase it?

Or maybe you focus on increasing the number of new patients, spending money on marketing, working long hours, and not seeing any tangible results?

Book your quick 15min call, and we’ll see how we can help you work fewer hours, improve your lifestyle, achieve bigger production, all without spending money on paid ads.

Schedule your free breakthrough call today!

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