67 Dental Appointments in 10Hr
The end of the year can either be a very difficult time for dentists or a very successful time.

Dr.Ben wanted to make sure he would make the most out of the last few months of the year, but none of the marketing strategies he tried before had an effect.

Despite knowing how important the last three months of the year are for booking appointments, Dr. Ben was struggling to get patients scheduled. He tried several paid marketing efforts that just didn’t work.

Little did he know, the solution was just a few clicks away…

Here’s how we helped Dr. Ben book 67 appointments in just 10 hours!

Dental Insurance Benefits Reminder

The strategy we used to help Dr.Ben book a ton of appointments near the end of the year is simple. All we did was remind his patients of their dental insurance benefits.

Patients can either use their dental insurance benefits or lose them all at the end of the year.

We don’t have to create any scarcity triggers, just tell the simple truth of a dental insurance agreement. So, all it takes is a little reminder.

The Campaign

We started this reminder campaign for Dr. Ben on October 30th at 10 am. All we did was send a single text message to his entire database of patients!

Here’s a quick video on how we did this.
The results began immediately, with text messages rolling in every 20 seconds.

By the next morning, we’d received 323 text replies and 37 phone calls! By the next day, another 57 messages and 3 calls on top of that.

Appointments Booked

Undoubtedly, this campaign re-engaged patients at an impressive rate. We generated a ton of responses, providing opportunities to get patients back in his dental office.

However, we didn’t only help Dr. Ben get patient engagement. On top of hundreds of texts and 34 phone calls, we also helped him book 67 appointments in 10 hours with this strategy!

But, this also created a new (very good) problem for Dr. Ben.

Prior to starting this campaign, we talked with Dr. Ben about bringing on another receptionist to handle the influx. To be honest, Dr. Ben didn’t expect us to make this big of an impact. We can’t blame him, because all of the other “marketers” he trusted before didn’t generate results.

Needless to say, Dr. Ben was blown away by the results of our campaign. He certainly understood why we recommended another receptionist and was excited about growing his practice with our help.

Check out his testimonial below.
Can your team handle over 300 replies in one day?

If you’re ready to book appointments, then let’s chat. Click the link below to schedule your free 15-min call!

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