67 appointments in 10hrs

67 Dental Appointments in 10Hr
October is the best time of the year…

For me because I get to see all my clients thriving in the last three months of the year…

…minus the hard work that I need to do?

And for my clients, because they can finally use our most successful ‘End Of The Year Campaign’.

October and November are the best time to remind your patients about their DENTAL INSURANCE BENEFITS.

What’s great about it…

Your patients have only two choices….

They can either use all the benefits or lose them all at the end of the year…

That’s why this campaign is so powerful… because we don’t have to do any heavy lifting to create scarcity triggers… they are just there, every time your patient signs a dental insurance agreement.

The only thing you need to do…

Is to send the reminder!!!


Make sure you check the study below!

We have started this campaign for one of our clients on Oct 30th at 10 am. We just sent one text message to the entire database and as always we were blown away by the results!!!

I did 50-sec video just to prove it…
There is nothing better than seeing text message replies rolling in every 20 seconds…

I have checked again the next morning and we ended up having 323 text message replies on the 30th and 57 the next day (see picture below)…
as well as 34 phone calls AND 67 APPOINTMENTS BOOKED IN JUST 10 HOURS (another screenshot below)!!!
Can your team handle over 300 replies in one day?

If you just said YES… then let’s chat. Here is the link to schedule a time with us.

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