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Do you miss times before Google and Facebook?

Times with no ads and precise targeting.

Times when you could freely surf the internet.

Those times are gone… forever!

Google knows you better than your family. It knows what you search for, when your search, it literally follows your every single step (HINT. Have you seen your Google Map route going red when cars in front of you stop on the traffic lights?).

Or Facebook, that collects around 10k different points of data about you. It has access to your entire phone book and to data on your phone calls and text messages.


That’s why targeting every profession is so easy.

That’s why everywhere you look, you could see ads precisely targeting you – the DENTIST.

I bet you see hundreds of ads every day… Facebook, Google, Instagram.


As you might suspect that’s not an easy job. Otherwise, everyone would be able to do that. So can all those consultants deliver on the guarantees? Or are they making fake promises just to lure you in?

How to spot those who lie?

Just to save you some time and money, I have put together a quick list of ways to spot consultants who don’t tell you the truth.

1. They give you just a part of the solution.

Have you ever hired a company to only create your website or Facebook ads? Unfortunately having a part of the solutions won’t grow your practice. To have a successful marketing strategy you need to focus your efforts on getting new patients, keeping existing ones and re-engaging those who haven’t seen you in a while, all at the same time!

2.You pay for systems that you need to implement yourself.

How many systems have you purchased for an ‘amazing’ price of $997 or $1997 that came with a simple video explaining the implementation process? Systems that have never seen the daylight, as you were never able to start using due to the lack of support after the purchase? If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

3. They don’t do marketing for themselves.

If they are telling you they don’t advertise because they have tons of clients. RUN. If they cannot generate business through online marketing for themselves they won’t do that for you.

4. They are not fully committed.

Have you watched ‘Shark Tank’ or ‘Dragons Den’? Have you ever seen investment in a business where the owner shares his time between various jobs? You won’t get the attention and support you need from someone who does it part-time.

5. They are not there when something goes wrong.

Trust me there is no magic formula that guarantees you results every time. Different locations, markets, competitors, services, staff and patients, mean different results. Something that works extremely well for one, may not work for others. If your consultant is not there when something goes wrong, cannot diagnose and fix the problem or worse – blames you for the result – RUN!

6. They don’t have a team.

No one knows everything. I love marketing automation but I am not an expert in Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Design or Copywriting. My clients deserve the best team in the world, so rather than pretending that I can do everything, I work with the best in their field to deliver exceptional results.

Hope everything above will help you make better decisions in the future. If you feel like our free breakthrough session session can help you solve any of the above problems click here and book a time with us.

We have also created a Free Facebook Community of dentists, office managers and dental professionals to share knowledge, resources and marketing tools that will help to grow every dental practice.

To join this FREE group simply Free Facebook Group and take the first step towards growing your practice!

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