How To Rank Your Dental Practice Higher On Google Maps

How To Rank Your Dental Practice Higher On Google Maps

Patients looking for a new dental practice will search in their area for a convenient location. Anytime they make a local search, Google displays a map ranking section of relevant nearby businesses. 


The map section appears before other search results, which makes it a prime place to attract visitors to your site and dental practice. 


Therefore, optimizing your website for search results is not enough. You need to know how to rank your dental office in Google Maps. 


Read on for the top way to rank your dental practice on Google Maps.

Optimize Your GMB Page

Set up your Google My Business page. Fill it out entirely, adding high-quality images and accurate information about your business. Make sure to include a local number, address, relevant description, and more. Track your GMB ranking so you can improve it accordingly.

Optimize Your Dental Website

While your GMB listing is important, it’s not all you will need. You should also optimize your website overall. Follow leading SEO practices for your dental website. Leverage local dental keywords and high-quality content to attract patients based on your dental services.

Generate Reviews on Google

Google reviews are paramount for your Google Maps ranking. Businesses with a high star ranking and many reviews are more likely to make it to the top spots on Google Maps. 


Focus on generating Google reviews for your dental practice. You can do this in several ways including:

  • Verbally asking patients to leave a review on Google after their visit. 
  • Posting reminders around your dental practice about how much reviews mean to you.
  • Sending out an email newsletter asking for feedback via Google reviews. 
  • Sharing the link to leave reviews on your social media. 
  • Directly email or text patients requesting feedback via a Google review. 

Get Help from our Dental SEO Company

Now that you know how to rank your dental practice higher on Google maps, it’s time to get started!


But the truth is that all of the steps above take time and a continued effort. SEO is not a one-and-done strategy, it’s something you must continually work to improve. 


Let’s face it, not many dental practice owners have the time or niche expertise for dental SEO. That’s where our dental seo company Hamilton can help. Let us take care of your dental marketing needs while you focus on your patients. 


Learn more about how our team at Dental Marketer can help your practice today. Schedule your free breakthrough call.

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