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One of the most common ways to get new dental patients is through referrals. But referrals are also the method most dentists feel they have the least control over…

But what if you could control them?

Whenever someone makes a recommendation, it’s because they want to share something good or beneficial with family members or close friends, and because doing so makes them feel great. They get to feel like a hero, and they get to be the one that adds value to their social circle.

Knowing WHY referrals happen is one thing, but knowing HOW they happen is another thing entirely…

When you understand both, it allows you to take control over the situation, and get your practice recommended without having to do much work.

For example, consider this scenario. You are a regular customer at a fancy local restaurant. The manager notices that you’ve been coming in regularly and approaches you the next time you’re in. He says that you’re a great customer and that he appreciates your business and loyalty. He looks after you as if you were a royal. But it goes further than that. The manager mentions that if you ever recommend this restaurant, be sure to contact him directly. He will ensure that the royal service is extended to all people referred by you.

This strategy seems simple, but is ingenious…

It makes already loyal patients feel like an important insider, which is how everyone wants to feel!

By including patients in such a way, you’re making it far more likely that they recommend your dental practice. You’re making them feel special and allow them to feel like a hero.

Referrals are most likely to occur during casual conversation, especially with close friends or coworkers. So think of questions that might come up during these conversations AND if there is something you could provide to your customers that they could, in turn, share with their friends…

It could be a brochure, report, or guide. Something that offers useful information and that your patient can easily share with friends and relatives.

With this tool, you can have a way to “program” your patients to suggest you in every conversation whenever the topic of a dentist pops up…

If you need help with referrals book your strategy call here, where we can guide you through the processes.

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