The Perfect Patient Lifecycle System

Patient Lifecycle System

What is The Perfect Patient Lifecycle System?

The Perfect Patient Lifecycle System has been created exclusively for dental offices and dental hygiene clinics that are looking to implement proven, state of the art marketing strategies to grow their practices.
System Introduction
Get complete ROI in the first 3 days of using our system. Book anything from 5-30 new hygiene appointments and at least 100% improvement on your Google and Facebook reviews.*
New Patients Flow
Take an advantage of a Facebook that is used by over 2 billion people each month. Use Facebook Ads to promote services within your practice, educate potential patients and get a steady stream of new patients.
Facebook Messenger Automated Receptionist
Stay miles ahead of the competition with never used before Facebook Messenger Automation.
Automated Onboarding
Book an appointment as usual, and allow the system to distinguish between new and existing patient, and send series of introduction emails to those who are awaiting their first appointment.
Personalized Messages
Send a personalized automated message from dentist and dental hygienist to your patients before and after appointments. Ensure that you build a trusting and reliable route of communication.
Smart Reminders
Send smart appointment reminders based on the age, gender and message delivery preferences. Have a smart system in place that distinguishes between minor and the parent or guardian.
Empty Slot Solutions
Send a direct message to patients on a waiting list to notify them that an appointment has been canceled and you have now an empty slot available.
Cancellations & No-Shows Solutions
Eliminate the issue of no-shows and canceled appointments through automated follow-up task system for your receptionist. Ensure that your time and your fellow dentists is used to its limits.
Patient Reputation Management
Improve your online presence and take advantage of a two-step process, which gives you the opportunity to identify unhappy patients.
Intelligent Education
Send educational and motivational emails to patients based on their appointment outcome (candidate for implants, invisalign, dentures, etc.). Prepare them for any future treatments and remove any anxiety they may have before attending future appointments.
Predeterminations Solutions
Never forget to follow-up with predetermination treatment plans. Use our automated 3 step system to follow up with patients awaiting a decision from their insurance for future treatments.
Re-engagement of Inactive Patients
Increase your revenue through an existing patient database. Use tested solutions to bring back to your practice patients that you haven’t heard from in 6, 9 or 12 months.
Is this right for my dental practice?
The Perfect Patient Lifecycle System is not for everybody. Here’s how you can make sure it is a right fit for your dental practice:
Who it’s for:

I don’t have time to focus on things other than my patients

I want assistance in growing and organizing my practice

I want someone to implement complete systems

I want an access to new strategies from someone who knows my industry

Who it’s NOT for:

I am looking for a quick solution

I am not willing to make changes

I am not interested in growing my practice

I don’t want to improve my patients expirience

What will you get?

We’ll analyze your business and give you recommendations on how to grow your dental practice forward.


We’ll implement proven systems that focus on capturing new patients, generating repeat business and freeing up stuff for high value tasks.


Dental Marketer will provide you and your team with training and guidance to ensure that all strategies are used to their full potential.


We’ll create reports that will provide clear visibility on key metrics of patients attendance, lifetime value, retention and many more.

What our clients are saying?
Shawn Peers - President - DentalPeers

“Lukas at the Dental Marketer took the time to get to know me and my business to see what would be most effective for me. His recommendations were tailored to the message I wanted to communicate and the brand I wanted to create. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, helpful and easy to work with. I would have no hesitation in advising someone to give Lukas a call if you are looking for effective and creative ways to market your practice.”

Shawn Peers | DentalPeers

Dr. Samson Lee - Owner - Credit River Dental Centre

“Lukas is a great teacher. Through the process of developing our site he has been available to assist us in every way possible. He has helped us through this difficult process and has continued to help in all aspects of marketing our office. Would definitely recommend him to an office looking for more clientele especially when it comes to preparing staff for this process!”

Dr. Samson Lee | Credit River Dental Centre

Carly Fielding - Director of Business and Administration - Fielding Dental Healthcare

“Dental Marketer has done an incredible job helping us grow and get better while using an automation system that Lukas has vast knowledge in. It has changed our abilities immensely. We are better communicators for our patients and share valuable information in a simple and fun way for our patients.”

Carly Fielding, Fielding Dental Healthcare

Director of Business and Administration
Gary Molinaro - President - Solaris Dental Solutions

“Thank you for the training Lukas and team! We were successful at having our application accepted for the funding and thoroughly enjoyed the training on automation that we received. You were very helpful with the process and knowledgeable in our training. We are excited to implement these new systems in our business!”

Gary Molinaro, Solaris Dental Solutions