What to Post on Social Media in June for Dental Offices

Social Media For Dentists - June Ideas

Social media should always be an important part of your dental marketing strategy, but after a very unpredictable and stressful start to 2020, it should be your top priority this June. The dental industry shut down as a result of COVID-19, regardless of what stage of the opening process your dental practice is in, your social media posts for June should focus on building trust with your patients.

People are hesitant to return to “normal” life, even for more necessary outings like the dentist. But after months of social distancing at home, many patients are behind their dental schedule and urgently need care. Even those who need some dental service are wary of coming in for such a close-up service. This month, use your social media to reassure patients and keep them up to date.

Here’s what your dental office needs to be posting on social media in June.

Important COVID Updates

Use your social media to communicate with patients and build their confidence in returning to your practice. Throughout the month, you should share some relevant COVID-19 information. Some examples of social media content for this category include:
  • The steps your business is taking to keep people safe. Explain the changes your dental practice has made to follow infection control procedures.
  • How patients can also help/what they need to do before, during, and after dental care to keep themselves and others safe. 
  • Photos and videos showing how your dental practice has adjusted and providing a behind-the-scenes look at what your daily operations look like now.
  • Answers to important questions your patients may be asking.

Patient Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials have never been more important than right now. Older patient reviews will not work the same anymore, as people want to know you can safely help them now. Encourage patients who visit to leave a review or testimonial. To make things even easier, you can send them a link immediately following their appointment. Include reviews on your social media posts and stories to help put your patients’ minds at ease.

Dental Services

People missed out on dental services of all kinds over the last few months. Some may need preventative care, while others could require more extensive procedures. Use your social media to explain the importance of dental care and promote your services. While people will need services of all kinds, you should focus on those that are more valuable for you. For example, promote your:
  • Dental implants
  • Implants supported dentures
  • Invisalign etc.

Positive Energy

While you need to address some serious topics with your June social media strategy, you do not want to share only a somber mood. It is still important to keep your social media presence positive. Of course, you should share COVID-19 updates and build trust with patients, but you also want to develop a long-lasting relationship. Help lift their moods with some positive posts such as:
  • Jokes, especially dental jokes. Avoid any controversial jokes about COVID-19.
  • Uplifting photos/videos of your team members
  • Interesting dental facts or statistics
  • How happy you are to be back


Of course, your social media calendar is not complete without some holiday posts. Here’s some to include for June:
  • Summer Solstice
  • Father’s Day
  • Oral Health Month
  • Community Health Improvement Week

Reassure Patients with Your June Social Media Strategy

As you begin to reopen, re-activating and attracting patients will be big challenges. Build trust with your patients and assure them that you prioritize their safety with your social media this June.

Dental Marketer is here to help you with your social media marketing all year long. The ideas above are a great start, but if you are looking for more or want to plan for the rest of the year, then head to our 2020 Social Media Content Calendar for Dentists and our 101 Social Media Post Ideas. Fill in the calendar and perfect your social media posts with our high-quality social media images for dentists. With these resources, you can save endless hours of work and nail your social media marketing strategy. Now is the best time to leverage your social platforms to get patients back in your office after many tough months.

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