10 Instagram Post Ideas For Dentists in 2021

10 Instagram Post Ideas For Dentists in 2021
What does Instagram have to do with running a dental practice? In 2021, Instagram has nearly one billion active users. So, it should have quite a lot to do with your dental practice!  Social media marketing for dentists has been around some time, but it’s only increasing in importance.  To foster relationships with current patients, attract patients in your community, and increase brand visibility your dental practice should be using Instagram for social media marketing.  Today, we’ll share some first Instagram post ideas for dentists. 

Dental Tips and Tricks

Educating patients is a great way to use your Instagram. By sharing engaging, educational content, you can position yourself as a trusted, credible thought leader in dentistry. 

Use short, interesting videos to craft educational Instagram posts. Use the video to share an insightful dental tip or trick. Instagram recently announced a new focus on video content, and this is the perfect way to appeal to the algorithm. 

What tips and tricks should you share? That’s easy, take a look at your blog! Many blog posts make excellent videos when condensed. Furthermore, you could just take one tip from a broader blog and turn that tip into a brief video. 

Meet the Team

One of the best first Instagram post ideas is a team introduction. Make your dental office feel more personable and welcoming by sharing content about each team member. You can share a photo of the team member and a brief bio, and/or you can create a quick video. Ask team members to submit a few photos they are comfortable with so you can share a bit more about them. 


People want to see what your dental office can really do! Transformation photos and videos are a great way to give your audience a tangible view of your work. People really enjoy seeing before and after content. You can also use it to promote certain services. 


A classic before and after photo will do wonders. Don’t forget that you can add several photos/videos in one post on IG. You can always add photos of the “in-between” to show more of your process. 


Videos can be extremely powerful for transformations. Take a reveal video, showing how a patient reacts to their new smile.  You can also use videos to add a bit more explanation of the “why” and “how” behind the treatment. 

Get Help with Social Media Marketing for Dentists

These first Instagram post ideas are fairly simple, yet powerful. But, they certainly take time. Time might not be something you have a lot of laying around while running your dental practice.

That’s why Dental Marketing is here. We have years of experience helping dentists with all of their marketing needs, including social media for dentists. Find out how we can help you grow your practice today by scheduling your free breakthrough call.

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