3 Dental Intel Features That You Wish You Used Every Day

Dental Intel Features That You Wish You Used Every Day
Every dental practice wants to grow and earn more, but daily operations get in the way. Dental office managers are swamped with hundreds of tasks each day.

Do you want to grow your practice easier and simplify the process of running your practice?

Dental Marketer can help you do just that by harnessing the power of #1 dental software Dental Intelligence. In this post, we will describe the top 3 Dental Intel features you wish that you used every day.

Dentalintel Morning Huddle

Grow your practice in just 15 minutes a day with the Dental Intel Morning Huddle. Receive automated, fully customizable reports every single morning so that you can start off the day efficiently. Track your key metrics to increase production, uncover hidden revenue, and help more patients. Morning Huddle’s unique features allow you to do things that usually would take hours to find, such as:
  • View unscheduled family members
  • View unscheduled treatments
  • Analyze past due accounts receivable
  • Monitor unscheduled hygiene appointments
  • Allows each provider (dentists and hygienists) to view their schedule and assess if it hits individual daily goals. If not, they can find new opportunities and additional treatments that they’ve diagnosed in the past.

Dentalintel Follow-Ups

Dental Intelligence Follow-Up is the best tool to ensure all of your patients are accounted for. Keep patients on your schedule and never let another one slip through the cracks with Follow-Ups. The key benefits of Dental Intel Follow-Ups are:
  • An automated method for following up on broken appointments, unscheduled treatments, past-due accounts receivable, and past-due insurance claims.
  • Track non-providers performance (receptionists) to view follow-up attempts and their outcomes.
  • Analyze the monetary value of each follow-up and know precisely how much it brings into your practice.

Mobile Up

Carry the power of data with you with the DentalIntel app. That’s right, you do not need to be on a desktop or dedicated device to monitor your practice. Instead, you can access all of your critical information from your mobile device. Access all of the vital information about your practice from anywhere anytime. The top benefits of the Dental Intel Mobile Up app include:
  • Providers can access their schedules right from their phones and view key opportunities before the workday even starts.
  • Dental practice owners can monitor the statistics from any location.
  • Use real-time data to guide all critical decisions.
  • Stay on track all day long with easy access.

Make Your Dental Intel Wish Come True with Dental Marketer

The features explained above are only a few of Dental Intel’s incredible offerings. With Dental Intelligence top software, you can track, analyze, and manage all of your data so that you can operate and scale your practice at an unbelievable rate. 

You don’t need to wish that you used those Dental Intel features, you can actually use them today! When you choose Dental Intel partner – Dental Marketer, you get a dedicated software coach and the best deal on the market for the software. We ensure that you get the most from the Dental Intel software, and help you convert the information to actions. To show you how much we can help your practice, we want to start by giving you a free growth report. Order your free growth report today HERE.

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