5 Top SEO Tips For Dentists

Top SEO Tips For Dentists

The first page of Google results captures 71% of all traffic clicks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets your dental practice to the top of the search results, and without it, your dental practice is losing out.

SEO should be your number one long-term marketing strategy if you would like to see a consistent number of patients every month.

Why SEO Matters for Your Dental Practice

Imagine a patient in your area is looking for a dental practice.

Most likely, they will search for keywords like “Toronto dentist”.

How many Goggle results are going to show up?

Is your dental practice on the first page of those search results?

If your dental website does not show up as one of the top search results, you are losing patients to competitors. Boosting SEO puts your website ahead of your competition so that you can attract more patients to your practice.

Here are the top dental SEO tips to follow:

1. Optimize Your Dental Website

Search engines (like Google) prefer websites that offer a great user experience. A poorly designed website will lead to a high bounce rate, which is a red flag for search engines. Make your dental website easier for visitors to use. The keys to a successful dental practice website design include:


  • Internal links that connect your posts and service pages. This increases the SEO of your service pages and offers a better user experience.
  • Mobile-friendly website. More than 50% of visitors search your website from mobile devices. Click here to run Google’s mobile-friendly test to find ways to improve your website for mobile use.
  • Improved website speed. Slow loading times are a big turnoff that will boost your bounce rate. To improve your website speed, compress images, remove unnecessary plugins, and use a fast website host.
  • Easier navigation. Your dental website should be intuitive and easy to navigate.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Account

Your Google My Business account is the place where you list your dental practice information for Google’s search engine. If you do not have an account, now is the time to get one. If you currently have an account, now is the time to optimize it. 

To optimize your Google My Business account:
  • Include your service hours
  • Add your local phone number and business address.
  • Add a high-resolution profile image and cover photo.
  • Choose relevant business categories.
  • Upload numerous professional photos.
  • Add a detailed, unique description with proper formatting and links to your website.
  • Generate real reviews from patients.

3. Optimize Service pages

Useful content is the key to SEO for dentists. Useful content serves the visitor’s purpose and offers accurate information. Every page should offer valuable content, but your service pages are even more important. To optimize your service pages:

  • Include variations of the targeted keyword.
  • Add your location throughout the page.
  • Make sure the format is visually appealing and engaging.
  • Add visual content like before/after photos, or an educational video about the service.
  • Add internal links to relevant blog posts, your contact page, etc.
  • Provide detailed, useful information about the service.

4. Encourage Online Reviews

Google has confirmed that online reviews affect your SEO. Managing and responding to reviews is a crucial way to increase your SEO. By responding to reviews, you demonstrate that your dental practice values customers and their feedback. Many positive reviews and an overall high ranking drastically boost your SEO and help local customers find your business. Improve your online reputation by encouraging and reminding your patients to leave online reviews.

5. Measure Results

Increasing your SEO is an ongoing process. To do it most efficiently, you must measure your results and adjust accordingly.

Track key metrics to find out:
  • Visibility, or how many keywords your website is ranking for.
  • Organic traffic. Examine how many visitors you are getting to your dental website through search engines. Easily find the number of visitors under “Google Analytics”, “Add Segment”, and add “organic segment”.
  • Organic traffic to specific pages.

Skyrocket Your Dental SEO Today!

SEO is the holy-grail for attracting new patients and scaling your dental practice in the long term. While the SEO tips above will certainly help you boost your dental website’s visibility, there is so much more to a successful dental SEO strategy.


That’s where we come in.

Dental Marketer is a top dental SEO company that is ready to help you grow your practice. Along with comprehensive dental marketing services, we offer dental SEO services that you can trust. Our team of dental SEO experts is ready to help your practice today. Learn more about how Dental Marketer’s dental SEO services will transform your practice by booking your free strategy session HERE.

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