7 top dental marketing challenges we’ve identified after taking over 100 calls during coronavirus pandemic

Top Dental Marketing Challenges
There has been a lot of going on in recent weeks…

A lot of stress, panic and misinformation…

Many people that we know had beliefs that were not really grounded in reality.

You’ve probably been told to communicate with patients, create vision boards, improve family connections and let’s be honest… those were not the greatest pieces of advice considering the circumstances.

We’ve done a ton of calls in recent weeks and put our heads together to identify the most important issues YOU NEED TO KNOW THE SOLUTIONS FOR right now, especially the ones that could be stopping you from growing your practice.

We created a video to share those issues and solutions with members of our Facebook group.
If you’re not in our group yet, click here to join and then you’ll see the video at the top of the group page or in the video section.

Here are 7 top dental marketing challenges that dentists are currently facing and our directions on how to deal with them, that we discuss in our video.

Issue #1 Patients Scheduling

  • Why patients currently scheduled for appointments, are not the best patients to be seen first when you reopen your dental practice
  • How to register for free tools that will make those first few weeks after reopening a breeze and skyrocket production – so you can bounce back stronger than ever (link in the comments).
  • Why you will see a lot of patients change their dentists in upcoming weeks.

Issue # 2. Dental SEO

  • Why is your search engine optimization not bringing desired results?
  • What can you do to change it?
  • How we 4x the numbers of visitors to your website within the first 30 days of starting SEO?
  • How to get your website to the top of the search engine list and make sure that patients find you online?

Issue #3. PPC for Dentists

  • Why shouldn’t you be doing paid marketing yourself?
  • Why most of the dental practices are setting money on fire?
  • How are marketing companies taking advantage of you by adding hidden costs?
  • How can you book patients for as low as $13?

Issue #4. Facebook Ads For Dentists

  • Why is boosting posts the worst strategy ever?
  • How to stop making Mark Zuckerberg one of the richest men on the planet?

Issue #5. Dental Websites

  • Why are you not getting new patients from your websites?
  • Why most of the dental websites are not even designed for booking new patients?
  • How can some tactics based on human behaviour help you book more patients?
  • How one tool can increase the # of patients that book an appointment by 35%-70%?

Issue #6. Social Media For Dentists

  • How to make your social media a breeze?
  • Where to take the social media post ideas from?
  • How to design the best graphic without the knowledge of graphic design tools?
  • How to create a social media calendar that can be used over and over again?

Issue #7 Patient Experience

  • Why are educational videos on your website not effective?
  • How to truly educate your patients and make sure you become their only choice as a dental care provider?
If you would like to learn about issues above as well as online scheduling, virtual consultations, Facebook Messenger automation, email automation, internal marketing, team members, leadership, mindset, call scripts, treatment consultation tactics and many more, make sure you join our Facebook group. If you like to speed up the process and see the results, go to dentalmarketer.ca/apply and book an appointment to speak to our team. We will get on the phone for about 45min, and we will discuss what is and is not working in your practice and where you want to go. If our tactics and tools would work for your practice, we will definitely share them with you.

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