Dental SEO: How-To Optimize Your Videos To Get More Traffic

Dental SEO: How-To Optimize Your Videos To Get More Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves optimizing your website so that it shows up higher in search results.


The goal of video SEO is to get your content ranked highly on Google and other search engines so that people can find them easily when they search for related terms.  


Video is a very powerful medium for dental marketing because it allows you to communicate with your audience in an engaging way. 


How can you create videos that generate more traffic and help grow your dental business?


Read to learn how to optimise YouTube videos for dental SEO.

Create Valuable Content

Keywords, titles, hashtags, and all of those details are important, but none of them make up for low-quality content. Focus on creating useful, interesting videos that help your audience. Of course, the content should be well-made, with good lighting and clear audio. But, that doens’t mean you need expensive equipment! Modern phones provide great quality. 

Catchy Title (with Keywords!)

Your primary keyword should appear in the title. So, if your video is a smile transformation from Invisalign, then you should include “Invisalign” in the title. Furthermore, leverage local keywords (Invisalign+ your location). 


The title should be more than keywords though. Create a catchy, compelling title that gets people to click. “Invisalign Treatment Results in Toronto” is not nearly as enticing as “Invisalign in Toronto Gave Her a Dream Smile in 8 Months!”


A YouTube video thumbnail is a small image that appears under the title. Having an interesting, quality thumbnail is critical for standing out on the platform. Thumbnail tips include:


  • Use before/after images
  • Keep text minimal but impactful
  • Make sure any text is large enough to read
  • Use a simple, uncluttered design 

Video Description

The description area under a video is a goldmine for dental SEO. Many people don’t read the description, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it! One easy tip for optimizing dental videos is to include a detailed, accurate description. Again, include your relevant keywords within the description. 

Partner with Dental Marketer for Dental SEO in Mississauga

Videos are important for dental SEO, but they take time and expertise. With the tips above, you have insight into how to optimize YouTube videos for SEO. Still, implementing the strategy can be time-consuming and difficult. 


Fortunately, Dental Marketer is here to help with our complete dental SEO in Mississauga. Turn to us for all of your dental marketing needs, including video optimization and SEO. We’ll take care of your dental videos so you can focus on your practice!


Let’s chat about how we can help you reach your dental practice growth goals. Schedule your free call with our dental marketing experts today.

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