Digital Marketing Trends for the Dental Industry

Digital Marketing Trends For The Dental Industry

Gone are the days when dentists could rely solely on word-of-mouth recommendations to build their dental practice.


Undeniably, modern dentists need to incorporate digital marketing for dentists.


The thing is, digital strategies are ever-evolving. To keep up with what works best, dentists must know the top digital marketing trends for dentists.


What are the trends for dentists in digital marketing?


Let’s take a look at some of the key trends!

Value Comes First

Yes, technology is always advancing and impacting digital marketing. However, the core of digital marketing has never been clearer: value.


For dental digital marketing to effectively attract patients, it must offer value. Patients have more dentists and information than ever available at their fingertips. They’re looking for a dentist who is an expert in the dental industry. To position yourself as a thought-leader in dentistry, you must provide value with your content.


Let’s be honest, if your dental practice is in Toronto, you’re not looking for patients in Montreal. Location matters for digital marketing for dentists. People are especially inclined to look for a new dentist when they move.


Optimize your digital marketing for your location. Target people in your area, because those are the patients you need to get in front of. SEO is no longer enough, local SEO is one of the key digital marketing trends for dentists.


Optimize your website and campaigns for mobile devices. People use mobile devices more and more often, even for serious tasks like researching a dentist.


People are bombarded with digital content and ads. When it comes to something like choosing a dentist, patients are looking for someone genuine and trustworthy. Digital marketing for dentists must be authentic to be effective. Share real photos from your dental practice. Make patients feel more connected by sharing team bios. Make sure your marketing message is true to your dental practice and your team.

Voice Search

Voice search is increasing in popularity, with more people turning to voice assistants for everyday searches. This trend will only continue, permeating fields like dentistry. Focus on ways to incorporate voice search and virtual assistants into your digital marketing strategy.

Stay on Top of Digital Marketing with a Dental Marketing Company

Above are just a few of the top digital marketing trends for dentists. In reality, space is constantly growing and dentists must be able to quickly incorporate digital marketing trends to succeed.


We get it, as a dentist you may not be a marketing guru. With Dental Marketer, you don’t have to be! You can stick to helping your patients and running your practice while we handle all of the digital marketing trends for dentists. We’re a dental marketing company with decades of experience, so we know a thing or two about how dental marketing changes over time.


To learn more about how we can help you bring in and retain more patients with digital marketing for dentists, schedule your free
breakthrough call today!

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