The Importance of Dental SEO for Your Dental Office

The Importance Of Dental SEO For Your Dental Office
Have you checked where your practice ranks in relevant Google searches? If you search for your area and the keyword “dental office”, where do you show up?

If your website isn’t showing up on the first page, you have a big problem.

Prospective patients won’t scroll past the first page of results to find a dental practice. Unless your website shows up as one of the top results, you are losing business to your competitors! Unfortunately, many dentists don’t think about their search engine optimization, and they don’t realize the importance of dental SEO for their dental practice.

Dental SEO is an investment for your office. For a good reason, you may wonder if it’s worth all of the money. IT IS!

Why is SEO so important for dentists?

Read on to find out.

What is Dental SEO?

Search engine optimization for dentists involves making your website more visible in the search results. SEO may sound complicated, but the basic idea is that it is a set of strategies designed to boost your search ranking for relevant keywords. For a dental practice, SEO involves:
  • High-quality, keyword-rich content
  • Taking control of listings
  • Managing online reviews
  • Overall website review and performance

Why Is SEO Important for Dentists?

The only way to boost your search rankings is through Search Engine Optimization. Here are some benefits of SEO that outline the importance of dental SEO:

1. Reach More Patients

Where do people look for a new dental practice? Not in a directory or by driving around. Patients start their search for a dental practice or dental services online. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get to your website. Website traffic for dentists equals potential patients that you can then convert.

2. Industry Authority

Using dental SEO, you can earn the trust of potential patients and establish yourself as an industry leader. Think about it. A dental practice that shows up as a top result automatically seems more trustworthy than one on the 10th page of Google. People know that Google values trusted sites, so earning a higher search ranking will help you look legitimate.

3. Target New Patients

Existing and former patients may look for you online, but one key advantage of dental SEO is the ability to target new patients. You can target certain keywords related to patients looking for specific treatments, allowing you to attract new patients.

4. Analyze Competitors

Monitoring SEO allows you also to pay attention to your competition. You’ll be able to see what they are doing and assess what your target patients are looking for. You can improve your approach to gain new patients by adjusting to beat competitors on important keywords.

5. Better Your Website

SEO efforts often lead to website improvements. Since SEO is so tied to your website quality and content, the process will force you to improve your site so that it offers real value to visitors. With SEO in mind, you can add key features to transform and increase your website’s value.

Dental SEO Services

Once you understand all of the incredible benefits of SEO, you’ll have no doubts about its importance. SEO is essential if you want to grow your practice, because it allows you to reach more patients and ultimately edge out your competition. 

Here’s the only issue. 

To benefit from dental SEO, it must be done right. As you can imagine, there are several moving parts, and it’s not something you or someone in your office can learn how to do quickly. 

Our experienced team can help you improve visibility and attract relevant prospects with a higher page ranking. That translates to you receiving all of the amazing benefits of SEO, including more of the right patients for your dental practice.

Schedule your quick 15-minute call here, so we can figure out if dental SEO services are right for your practice, and how quickly you can start getting a consistent number of new patients every month.
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