5 Must-Read SEO Tips for Dental Offices

Seo Tips For Dental Offices

It’s no secret that the dental industry is a very competitive space. In the past, excellent service and word-of-mouth referrals were the best ways to attract and retain patients.

But with the advancement of technology, the ways people find dentists have changed drastically.

Now, the vast majority, 77% of prospective patients look for a dentist through online search engines. In fact, 80% of internet users have searched for a health-related topic online.

Your online presence is crucial for your dental practice. So, where does your website rank? If you are not within the first page of search results, you are losing new patients opportunities.

If you search for “Toronto dentist” on Google, you get almost 10 million results, if your website is not among the top results, people might not be able to find you. As you can see, getting your website to rank high in the search is a necessary but challenging process.

To succeed as a dentist in the modern digital era, you need a dental websites that is optimized for search engines, also known as SEO (Search engine Optimization).

How can you tackle dental SEO marketing and boost your search rankings? Read on to find out.

1. Find top-searchable keywords

SEO is based on ranking for relevant keywords. To kick off your SEO, you must determine the top searchable keywords for your dental practice. The purpose of this is to determine the keywords that local patients are most likely to use when looking for a dentist. You can start by reviewing your Google Analytics to see which keywords patients are using to find you. Additionally, you should use a keyword finder to discover new keywords. Some of the most-used dental keywords include:
  • Dentist near me
  • Dental practice near me
  • Dentistry, dental practice, dentist + location
  • Major dental services.
However, choosing keywords is not as simple as picking the ones with the highest search volume. You must also consider the competition and SEO difficulty. Some of the most popular keywords will be incredibly competitive to rank for, and will not help your SEO.

2. Build an SEO-friendly website

Keywords are not the only thing that matters when it comes to your search ranking. Google relies on over 200 ranking signals to determine your SEO. Your website must be designed with SEO in mind, or it will not show up in the search results. An SEO-friendly dental website is:
  • Optimized for mobile
  • User-friendly with an intuitive architecture
  • Visually appealing
  • Fast, with quick load time and page speed
  • Secured with SSL certificate
  • Optimized for Google My Business Listing

3. Identify and Create The Most Searchable Content

The famous saying “content is king” does not stop short with dentistry. Relevant, high-quality content is critical for your dental SEO. Find the best ways to create searchable content, like through an up-to-date blog. Use your dental blog to create engaging, informative content that will also help your SEO. Content goes beyond blogs and text. You can create appealing, persuasive content in the form of:
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Unique photos (before/after, office, team, happy patients).

4. Optimize for Local Search

Think about the audience you are trying to capture. You want to get your dental website in front of local patients; therefore, you must optimize for local search. Focus on local SEO to target patients nearby who can visit your dental office. Here’s how to optimize for local search:
  • Use geo-modified keywords. In other words, add the location to commonly searched keywords. Geo-modified keywords have less competition and more conversions.
  • Generate more reviews. Reviews will help your dental website increase its SEO, but they also provide excellent social proof that will help convince local patients that your dental practice is the best around.
  • Optimize your Google My Business Listing. Make sure your dental practice is listed on Google My Business, and complete your profile with your contact information, professional photos, and other details.

5. Measure results

To make sure you are effectively increasing your SEO ranking, you must measure the results. Review your analytics to assess if you actually see more organic traffic. Check which keywords your website ranks for, and evaluate organic traffic to valuable pages. If you do not see improvement, then consider adjusting your strategy. Keep in mind that it takes time and consistent effort to increase your SEO.

Dentist SEO Marketing to Boost Your SEO

While the tips above will certainly help you improve your SEO, they are not as simple to implement. Let’s face it; you need some detailed knowledge and experience (not to mention a lot of time) to execute even the most essential SEO tips.

Is SEO dentistry a lost cause then?

Is SEO dentistry a lost cause then? Absolutely NOT! Dental marketing experts, Dental Marketer , are here to help you with your dental SEO .
Our dedicated team has the expertise to optimize your website and dental SEO marketing. Get started today with your local keywords search by booking your free discovery session HERE.

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