3 Reason to Invest in Paid Dental Advertising

Reasons To Invest In Paid Dental Advertising

One of the main ways people choose a dentist is based on their search results ranking. 18.4% of people choose the top-ranked dentists in the search results. This illustrates just how important it is for your dental practice to achieve high visibility in the top search engines like Google.


If you are not showing up in the top results, then you are losing a lot of opportunities to get new patients. 


There are many excellent strategies for organically boosting your search ranking that you should certainly implement, like SEO for dentists, social media marketing for dentists, content marketing, and more. But, for the most effective solution, you must combine those methods with paid dental ads


It’s true, ads definitely cost money, but the return you will see is well worth the investment. Why should your dental practice incorporate paid dental advertising? Read on to find out the most important benefits of paid advertising.

1. Immediate Results

Organic dental marketing solutions provide evergreen results, but they take quite a bit of time and effort to pay off. Pay-per-click (PPC) for dentists is a surefire way to see immediate results. There is no waiting time for dental PPC to start working, as the ad puts you at the top of Google search immediately! While you continue to work on your organic position with SEO, you can still see immediate results from your top ad position. Dental Marketer has helped countless dentists implement dental PPC, and many of our clients see results within just a few days.

2. Target Patients for High-Value Procedures

High-value procedures like dental implants, implants supported dentures, Invisalign, are top-earning treatments, but they are some of the hardest to schedule patients for. Dental PPC is the best way to target the most suitable patients. Using dental ads, we can accurately target the patients who need those specific services based on their searches and location.

3. Measurable and Predictable Results

PPC for dentists is measurable and predictable. We can track important metrics like clicks, impressions, conversions, and cost per conversion every single week to assess how your PPC is working. We can see the average cost per new patient, to help you drive your patient acquisition cost down and get the best ROI from your PPC. We helped our client, Dr. Michelle, transform her marketing efforts with PPC and generate new patients for less than $25 each. 


With PPC, there is no guesswork on spending. We will help you drive down your average cost for new patients, and determine your ad spend based on the number of new patients you would like each month.

Invest in Smart PPC

Dental PPC has fantastic benefits that will help you grow your practice, but only if it is done correctly. Unfortunately, many  dentists struggle with PPC because they lack the detailed marketing experience and time it takes to target effectively and track their leads. PPC for dentists is a highly competitive space and not a strategy that you can effectively do alone. You will compete with highly skilled marketing companies, and need a well-optimized website that will convert the visitors’ traffic into patients.


Invest in smart PPC with Dental Marketer. We have industry-specific expertise for dental marketing, including dental ads. We helped Dr. Michelle to nail paid dental marketing and generate patients for less than $25, and we can help you. We offer unparalleled experience and knowledge so you can count on our results-driven dental PPC for your dental office. We will help you grow your practice with dental PPC. Learn more by scheduling your free breakthrough session HERE.

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