The 7 Most Important Pages of a Dentist’s Website

Most Important Pages Of A Dentist’s Website
In the modern digital era, website design for dentists is crucial.

A helpful, well-designed dental website will help you attract new patients and retain current ones.

While website design for dentists certainly takes time and effort, it’s well worth the investment.

Today, we’ll share some key tips for dental website designers as well as the 7 most crucial dental pages to have on a website.

Qualities of a Top Dental Website

You don’t just need a website for your dental practice, you need a GREAT website. Here are the qualities for a great dental website:
  • Professional design and appearance
  • Intuitive navigation. Clear headings, uncluttered, user-friendly.
  • Clear call to action on every page.
  • Brand cohesion.
  • Search engine optimization with relevant keywords, keyword placements, meta tags, and more.
  • Compelling, high-quality photos.
  • Online booking.

Pages Dentists Need on Their Website

Now that you know what qualities make a great dental website, it’s time to dive into the dental pages you need.
  • About Us
    Introduce your practice. Use this page to start the relationship. This is the second-most visited page on a dental website because patients want to personally connect. This page is a place to bring your practice to life, to put names with faces. Include a short bio and photo for each dentist and briefly explain your approach to dentistry.
  • Services
    Many patients are looking for dentists that offer certain services. Create a service page for each of your services. By doing this, you can also target relevant keywords and specify which doctors perform the service. Before and after photos and testimonials about the service are great touches. Don’t forget your CTA to book an appointment!
  • Payment Information
    Provide clear information about which insurances you accept as well as a payment option. This will reduce frustrations and help patients greatly. Some information to include is:
  • Types of insurance accepted
  • Types of insurance not accepted
  • Acceptance of Medicaid or low-income health care plans.
  • Credit card acceptance and any added fees.
  • Payment plans.
  • Hours & Location
    Patients want to know if you fit their busy schedules. Make it crystal clear where you are located and when you’re open. Embed a Google Map into your location page to make your location easier to find. Make sure your phone number is available on this page and clickable.
  • Contact Page
    The easier it is for patients to contact you, the better. Include all ways to contact your practice on the contact page. Ideally, you should have a phone number, email address, and contact form. Even better if you include live chat. Include your contact hours and expected response time as well. Additionally, add your social media accounts here.
  • Appointment Page
    Online appointments are a differentiator for dentists. Allowing patients to schedule online helps your team and your patients. Your team will spend less time scheduling, and patients will get the flexibility to schedule when they have time.
  • Testimonials (US only)
    Get the most from your glowing reviews with a testimonials page. Here you can post your most helpful reviews. The most compelling reviews include photos and videos. Ideally, include a place for patients to leave reviews on your site. You can also host a contest to gain reviews by giving away a free toothbrush or cleaning.

Dental Website Design and Marketing

Get these 7 crucial dental pages for your dental website and much more with professional website design for dentists. As a dentist, you are not trained in web design or marketing, but we are! The team at Dental Marketer is full of experienced dental website designers ready to take your dental website to the next level. To learn more about our website design for dentists, book your free strategy call today!

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