What to post on social media in August for dental offices

Social Media For Dentists - August Ideas

As the last month of summer, August is a busy time for many people.

Unfortunately, dental care is the last thing on their minds as they try to soak up the last summer rays and school-less days.

Reminding patients to visit the dentist this month can help them prepare for the upcoming school year and handle some of their errands.

How can you rope in your busy patients this month?

Leverage social media for dentist effectively to connect with patients and get them to your office.

Here’s what to post on social media in August for dentists.

Back-to-School Dental Reminders

While some kids went back in July, August is still the back-to-school season for many families. During this month, people are busy visiting new schools, gathering supplies, and enjoying last-minute vacations. It’s also a great time to get the family to the dentist and knock out their dental cleanings and exams.

Post some reminders for back-to-school dental care. Talk about how important preventative dental care is and why it’s so helpful to get these appointments handled now before school picks back up.

You can also share promotions about relevant services that parents can benefit from including:
  • Children’s dental care. Talk about your experience working with children and share real photos with the patient’s permission.
  • Dental cleanings. Talk about what dental cleaning includes and why they are important.
  • Dental exams and x-rays. What does the dentist look for during an exam and how do dental x-rays help?


Unlike other months, August doesn’t host as many national holidays as other months. While you may not be wishing your patients a Happy New Year or a great Independence Day, there are still some fun mini holidays to call out.

Here are some August holidays to post about this month:
  • August 6 - National Fresh Breath Day. Who doesn’t want fresh breath? Give your patients some tips for addressing bad breath so they can enjoy fresher breath. Share signs that fresh breath is caused by an underlying issue so they know when to come in for it.
  • August 15 - National Relaxation Day. Everyone needs to relax, but it can be difficult to during busy life. Offer some relaxation techniques, including how to stay relaxed during a dental visit!
  • August 22 - National Tooth Fairy Day. Share a fun tooth-fairy tale, interesting tooth fairy facts, or kids' dental care tips to help them please the tooth fairy. Have fun with this holiday and include a photo of the Tooth Fairy as well.
  • August 26 – National Dog Day. Chances are, tons of your patients have dogs and many of your team members might. Share some team photos of your dentists and their dogs and ask patients to share theirs as well.

Summer Recaps

What has your dental team been up to all summer? Share some fun summer recaps to help humanize your dental clinic. Patients will feel more connected when they see your dental team doing many of the same activities they do. Share some photos of your team enjoying summer fun, along with some brief descriptions of their favorite summer activities.

Leverage Social Media Marketing for Dentists This August

Contact us and help your patients head back to school with clean, healthy teeth! August is a great time for patients to handle their dental care errands and take care of their teeth. Use your social media this August to remind them of the dental care they need.


While social media is important, it can quickly become a time-suck from your dental practice.


Streamline social media marketing all year with the help of Dental Marketer. Start with our Social Media Content Calendar for dentists to get a full outline of what to post when. Fill in with 101 Social Media Post ideas and use these great social media images for dentists. Of course, if you want social media totally of off your plate, turn to our experienced dental marketers for social media marketing services.

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