How Does The Google Medic Update Affect Dental Websites?

How Does The Google Medic Update Affect Dental Websites?

Keeping up with Google’s changes is paramount for your dental website ranking. 


One of the biggest updates was in 2018, and it’s one that every dental practice needs to know if you don’t already. 


The Google Medic update impacts those in the health, wellness, and medical industries, especially dental offices. 


What exactly is the Medic update Google added? What is the impact of Google’s Medic update on dental websites?


Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

The Google Medic Update

The Google Medic update was a change to the search engine’s algorithm. While Google claimed that the core update was a normal practice, it disproportionately impacted medical websites (including dental websites). That’s why it earned the name the “Medic update”. 


Essentially, the update aimed to increase the quality of Google’s search results. The search engine wanted to prevent low-quality pages from climbing the rankings and seems to put a higher focus on off-page indicators, like reviews.

What This Means

The impact of the Google Medic Update on dental websites was all about quality. Dental sites that had a low online reputation or weak off-page ranking factors plummeted to the bottom. 


In 2022, this is no longer an “update” but a standard in how Google ranks websites. It’s vital to consider all aspects of your dental website and online presence when creating a high-converting dental website. 


The key takeaway is that your dental practice should focus on its holistic online presence, including quality content. 

Dental Website Tips

As you can see, getting your dental website to the top of the search rankings requires several considerations. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Update dentist profiles with accurate information including their education, credentials, experience, etc.
  • Link your doctor’s medical association sites, online industry directories, published research, and more. This can improve backlinks to your dental practice site and help bolster your authority.
  • Include doctor credits for your blog content with a short bio. This is a powerful credibility indicator.
  • Implement review management to generate and respond to more reviews.
  • Follow general SEO practices for the design and function of your website.

Dental SEO Services

While the Google Medic update may seem like old news, keeping up with best SEO practices is an ever-changing battle. For dental practice owners, it can be extremely difficult and time consuming to manage your dental website. 


That’s where our team of experts can help here at Dental Marketing. We offer comprehensive dental seo services in Ontario to help you attract and convert more patients. Learn more about our dental marketing company and how we can help you today.  


Schedule your free breakthrough call today!

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