SEO vs. SMO: What Is Best for Your Dental Practice?

SEO vs. SMO: What Is Best for Your Dental Practice?

Digital marketing is not just important for retail businesses and the like; it’s also an essential growth strategy for medical businesses. All dental offices should leverage digital marketing efforts, but knowing where to start can be a challenge.


While many dental practice owners have heard of SEO, SMO can be another important strategy.


But what’s the difference between SEO and SMO?


For your dental practice, which is better, SEO or SMO?


Keep reading to find out.

Dental SEO

Dental search engine optimization is all about improving your website to suit Google’s algorithm. The goal is to help your website rank higher for relevant search results, especially local keywords related to your services.


Leveraging dental SEO helps you get your dental practice in front of potential patients. For example, you may optimize your website for terms like “dental cleaning in [CITY]” or “[CITY] dental office.”

Dental SMO

Dental SEO focuses on your website for search engines, whereas dental SMO is for optimizing your website for social media. That is the main difference between SMO and SEO. The primary objective of SMO is to improve your website’s visibility on social media channels.


Examples of strategies used for dental SMO include:

  • Consistently creating valuable content
  • Optimizing website content for social media channels.
  • Engaging with patients via comments, liking, following, etc.
  • Monitoring analytics on social media.

Which is Better, SEO or SMO?

Now that you understand the difference between SEO and SMO, you may wonder which is better for your dental practice. The truth is that you should leverage both strategies. SEO will help you get your dental practice website in front of patients searching via search engines, whereas SMO will help you reach patients looking for dental services on social media.

Dental Marketing Consultant

The best way to ensure your dental practice takes advantage of the key marketing techniques is to work with a professional. Dental marketing expert in Ontario can help with all of your dental marketing needs.
We handle everything from planning and setup to deployment and analytics.

Learn more about how our team of dental marketing consultants will help your practice today. Schedule your free breakthrough call.

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