4 Simple Dental Strategies Every Dentist Should Use To Quickly Rebound From COVID-19

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You’re all at different stages of opening dental offices. Some of you have been open for weeks, and others, like dentists in Ontario, Canada, were finally able to come back last week. Despite that, you’re going to face similar challenges.

Most of you were so excited to open the doors, but soon you were faced with a harsh reality. You all thought that your patients were going to be as enthusiastic as you are, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Millions of people lost their jobs. The daily struggle and uncertain future have caused patients to hold their wallets very tight and look twice at every dollar they spend. Social distancing, stay-at-home orders, the negative impact of TV news, etc. have completely changed our perspective on what’s truly important.

Whether you want that or not, you will be hearing patients saying “NO” to your treatment. Some of them are going to be afraid to see you and would rather wait another 6-12 months until we have the COVID-19 vaccine.

In this post, we will explain some strategies your dental practice needs to implement now to quickly rebound from the effects of the global pandemic.

1. Schedule the Most Profitable Patients First

Because you haven’t been practicing for weeks, you cannot go back to your practice and schedule patients the same way you did before. It would be best if you focused on patients with the highest clinical needs first – patients with the most profitable diagnosed and unscheduled treatments.

Of course, manually trying to identify those patients will be time-consuming. With our advanced software, Dental Marketer can help you automate this process and find those patients quicker than ever.

Our software will automatically analyze unscheduled patients according to the following factors:
  • Reimbursement rates
  • A.R. Balances
  • Unscheduled Treatment
  • Treatment Acceptance Percentage
  • Show Rate
  • Patient Preferred Day Of Week
  • Plus, many more factors.

For you to experience a speedy recovery, you need to schedule the best patients. Patients who:
  • need the most dentistry,
  • will say yes to needed treatment,
  • will pay,
  • have the highest percentage of showing up,
  • will generate more production for the practice.

2. Take Scheduling To the Next Level

Online scheduling is a feature that will separate your dental practice from the competition. Patients want convenience and autonomy when booking new appointments, especially after doing so many things remotely at home for so long. It will be easier to book more appointments if you can offer smart, simple scheduling to your patients.

Using our software, you can take scheduling to the next level. Allow your patients to book appointments straight to your Practice Management Software. Give them access to the part of the schedule related to their provider or needed services.

3. Reactivate Patients

By the time the dental industry fully reopens, you will have faced nearly three months of the pandemic. Because of this, there will be hundreds of patients gone inactive. But did you know that inactive patients are 6x easier to convince to book an appointment than new patients? Dedicate time and focus on reactivating them. This would allow you to spend less time and money on patient acquisition and boost each patient’s lifetime value by reintegrating them into the appointment cycle.

4. Paid Marketing Campaigns

With all the mandatory office changes and new guidelines to follow, some patients might find it difficult to book appointments quickly with their own providers. On the other hand, with patients being hesitant to visit dentists, you might be in the position where you need new patients.

That leaves an opening for paid marketing opportunities.PPC for dentists can help you reach new prospective patients consistently and at a reasonable price. We helped one of our clients, Dr. Michelle, implement and track a successful PPC campaign that allowed her to generate new patients for less than $25! You can read this case study here.

Implement the Most-profitable Strategies First

Your dental practice will only recover from these tough times with the appropriate dental strategies. As a dentist, it can be hard even to know where to start, especially when you are trying to reopen your business. Let us help you. Dental Marketer pairs the best tools on the market with time-tested expertise to ensure your dental practice success. To learn more about how Dental Marketer can help your practice rebound from COVID-19, schedule your free breakthrough session HERE.

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