Everything to Know About Responding to Negative Dental Reviews

Everything to Know About Responding to Negative Dental Reviews

Whether it’s from a patient who was unhappy with their experience in your dental office, or a competitor trying to sabotage your business, negative reviews are inevitable. No matter how great your dental services and dental office are, you’re bound to get at least a couple of negative reviews.


Responding to negative dental reviews is vital for online reputation management and patient relationships. However, the wrong response can do more harm than good. Keep reading for helpful tips for responding to a bad dental practice review.

Cool Off First

Don’t respond immediately. As tempting as it may be, don’t respond right away to negative reviews. Give yourself some time to think about how you want to address the problem and what kind of tone you want to take. While responding in a timely manner is important, it’s even more important to respond with a level head. Take a few minutes (or even hours) to cool off before answering.

Directly Address the Complaint

When responding to negative dental practice reviews, make sure to address the patient’s concerns head-on without making excuses or blaming others for the situation. This will help build trust between you and your patient while also showing them that they matter more than anything else on this earth.

Listen Before Reacting

Take some time before writing back so that you can fully understand what the patient’s issue was, what their concerns were, and what they would like from the situation moving forward. Even rudely-written reviews may have valuable points that you can use to improve your dental practice moving forward. Try to see the review from the patient’s point of view and to understand where they are coming from. This will help ensure that when you do write back, it’s clear that both parties understand each other’s perspective on the situation

Turn to Dental Marketer for Help

Knowing how to respond to a bad review of your dental practice is important, but managing your online reputation is time-consuming. Instead of worrying about how to respond to a negative Google review, leave it to the experts at Dental Marketer.


We offer complete marketing services for dentists to help you promote your dental practice online. Let our experienced team handle your review management to ensure the best response to every review-positive or negative! Learn more about our dental marketing services and how we can help your dental practice today. Schedule your free consultation call.

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