How to Choose the Right Keywords for Dental SEO

How to Choose the Right Keywords for Dental SEO

Dental SEO is a powerful way to attract new patients to your dental practice. At a first glance, implementing SEO may sound simple. 


Just create content for the relevant keywords. 


However, the specific dental keywords you choose (and how you leverage them) will play a huge role in your overall success. 


If you’re not seeing the dental SEO results that you want, you need to focus on choosing better dentist keywords. 


Here’s what you need to know about choosing keywords for dental SEO. 

Dental Keywords are the Main Dish

When it comes to SEO, keywords take center stage. Your entire strategy depends on the keywords you choose. They are the primary signal to Google and other search engines. 


Back in the past, using the keywords as many times as possible was best. However, this leads to content stuffing and low-quality content. Search engines got smarter and improves their algorithms so focus on quality content.


To drive quality traffic to your dental website, you need to leverage user-centric dentistry keywords. 

Types of Important Dentist Keywords

Choosing keywords for dental SEO can be tricky. You should leverage a wide variety of words including single keywords, long-tail keywords, service words, location terms, and more.


Let’s dive a bit deeper into location-based keywords and service-based keywords. 

Local Keywords

You want to attract patients that are close enough to your dental practice to be valuable leads. This is why location-based keywords are so important. You can help your website appear for local patients by leveraging keywords that apply to your location.   

Instead of just including “dental practice” or “emergency dental clinic” add your location to improve the chances you show up for local searches. For example, use something like “Ontario dental office” or “emergency dental clinic in Fonthill.”

Service Keywords

The other crucial type of dental keywords is service-related keywords. These help you rank for the specific services you provide, which can help your dental website get in front of patients looking for those services. 


Ideally, combine service keywords with a location for long-tail keywords like these:

  • Kids dentist in Mississauga
  • Family dental clinic in Quebec
  • Dental implants in Schellenberg 
  • Teeth whitening treatment in Burlington 

Dental SEO in Mississauga

Ultimately, choosing keywords for dental SEO can be a huge challenge. Furthermore, selecting keywords is just the beginning. You also need to know how to turn those words into ideas and how to best leverage content. Not to mention, website SEO depends on other factors like design, speed, mobile optimization, and more. 


As a dental practice owner, you need to dedicate your time to your patients. At the same time, dental SEO in mississauga is incredibly important for growing your dental practice. 


The experienced team at Dental Marketer has the solution. 


We can handle all of your dental SEO needs, helping you increase your online presence. We’ll take on the heavy lifting of dental digital marketing so you can focus on helping your patients. 


Learn more about how our team can help you with all of your dental SEO needs. Schedule your free breakthrough call today!

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