Questions To Ask Dental SEO Marketing Companies

Questions To Ask Dental SEO Marketing Companies
Dental SEO is a powerful strategy that can help you grow your dental practice, but it’s not a regulated industry. Dental SEO companies do not have to have any specific license or certification to provide their services, and there’s no way to know the exact algorithms that Google uses. Not all dental SEO companies and services are created equal. Some have the knowledge and experience you need to scale your dental practices, while others may not have any beneficial impact or could even harm your website. Unfortunately, this means there are some dental SEO marketing companies that aren’t legitimate and aren’t worth the investment.

The trick is being able to distinguish a credible dental SEO marketing company from a scam and to do that you need to ask dental SEO companies questions.

Today, we’ll review some of the most important questions to ask dental SEO experts before hiring.

Can you provide references?

Credible dental SEO companies should be able to show their work. Much like a graphic designer or another professional, a dental SEO vendor should be able to provide you with a few current and past clients upon request. They should explain their work for those clients and allow you to reach out to those clients for more information.

What does your SEO include?

One of the most important questions to ask an SEO company is what their services include. Ask for details on the on-page, off-page, and technical work that the company will perform.

Can you guarantee search rankings on the top search engines?

Any reputable dental SEO marketing professional will answer no to this question. No matter how much knowledge or experience someone has, they cannot guarantee SEO results as they do not know the search engine algorithms exactly. Reputable companies cannot guarantee a certain ranking number, but they should be able to offer a time frame for improving your website rank.

How do you measure and analyze the success of SEO campaigns?

You want to make sure that you and the dental SEO vendor are on the same page when it comes to assessing results. The purpose of dental SEO is to attract more patients and improve your production, and the SEO vendor’s goal should be aligned with yours. They should be able to offer a clear description of how they track and analyze SEO campaign data. Additionally, make sure you know how often they report their work and what the reports entail.

Do you work with other dental practices in my community?

While you want a dental SEO marketing expert that has experience with dentists, you don’t want one that works directly with a competitor in your area. Two dental practices with the same local keywords can’t both rank #1, so it creates a conflict of interest to hire a dental SEO company that works with another practice in your area.

What sets you apart from other dental SEO companies?

The best dental SEO companies can explain why you should choose them over another company. They won’t make false promises or emphasize cost, they’ll focus on the value they bring and the unique areas that differentiate them. Money-back guarantees and customer support are two examples of key qualities that SEO companies should be proud of. However, if they focus on cheap service or promising result speed, then you may want to steer clear.

Dental Marketer Will Answer All Of Your Questions

The truth is that a credible dental SEO marketing company should be happy to answer all of the dental SEO company questions above and many more. That’s why we’ve shared these questions to ask an SEO company. Our dedicated team of dental SEO marketing experts has the knowledge and quality of care you need to grow your dental practice through proven SEO strategies. Let us answer all of the questions dental SEO company questions above and any others you may have. Schedule your free breakthrough call today!

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