Creative Dental Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Dental Office

Dental Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Dental Office
Few people enjoy going to the dentist, but top dental practices make the experience as positive as possible for their patients. The best dental practices provide excellent service and experience, but they also have superior marketing to attract more qualified patients. Marketing and dentistry may seem like an odd pair, but the most successful dental offices consistently implement creative dental marketing ideas. The best way to keep patients in your practice is with a strong dental practice marketing plan, but you also need to stand out against the competition. Here are some of the best creative dental marketing ideas to try:

Make Your Practice Memorable with a Mascot

Mascots are great for getting people excited for sport’s games, big events, and…the dentist’s office? Yes! One fun dental office marketing idea is to leverage the marketing power of a mascot. Be creative when choosing a mascot and the same; don’t repeat the generic giant tooth. Bring your mascot to fairs and community events, feature him online, and have him pop by the practice every now and then.

Sweeten the Deal

Discounts and deals are not just for retailers. Many people avoid the dentist for the cost. One excellent way to eliminate financial barriers and encourage people to come to your dental practice is with smart deals. Likely, a patient who snags a free dental cleaning for X deal will return to you for their future oral health needs. Some dental office promotion ideas include:
  • Free teeth cleaning for referring another person for teeth cleaning
  • An extra hygiene goody bag with your visit
  • A giveaway for a dental or non-dental related item.
  • Sweepstakes, every patient that visits can enter their name to win a large prize.
  • A % off from teeth whitening or cleanings

Send Appointment Reminders

How many patients do you lose due to missed appointments? Appointment reminders need to be part of your dental marketing plan. Send an email or phone call to remind patients of their appointment, and easily streamline this process with the right technology. You can also reach out to patients to remind them when they are due for an appointment.


Among the many marketing ideas for dental offices remarketing is a straightforward concept. If you want easy money, reach back out to people who have shown interest in your practice. Send personalized ads to people who have visited your website or dental practice in the past. Remarketing puts your practice back at the forefront of their minds and can be the difference-maker for booking appointments.

Creative Dental Ads

Get creative and add a little fun into your dental practice marketing plan. Whether your ads are digital or print, try to spark a little humour and joy into them. Think outside of the box about how you can hint at oral health in a funny, playful way.

The Best Dental Marketing Company

To succeed and reach your full potential, your dental practice needs to utilize creative dental marketing ideas. Here’s the thing, you aren’t a marketer. As a dentist or dental practice owner, you have a lot on your plate, and becoming an expert marketer to create an excellent dental practice marketing plan isn’t realistic.
Save time and enjoy the incredible value of creative dental practice marketing ideas by hiring a top dental marketing company. As a dental marketing company with over a decade of experience, Dental Marketer can help you with all of the marketing ideas for your dental office. We will help you create and execute a powerful, streamlined dental marketing plan from top to bottom. To learn more about our dental marketing services and to get started today, request your breakthrough call today HERE.

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