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Need More Referrals

Need more referrals?

One of the most common ways to get new dental patients is through referrals. But referrals are also the method most dentists feel they have the least control over… But what if you could control them? Whenever someone makes a recommendation, it’s because they want

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67 Dental Appointments in 10Hr

67 appointments in 10hrs

October is the best time of the year… For me because I get to see all my clients thriving in the last three months of the year… …minus the hard work that I need to do? And for my clients, because they can finally use

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invisalign patient

From 0 to 15 Invisalign cases in 3 weeks

Let me tell you about Emily, who had the OPPOSITE problem most dentists come to us with – she was in charge of a busy family practice. Practice, where most of the income was coming from low profitable treatments. This created a problem – struggle

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dental marketing experts in the boardroom

Everyone’s an expert

Do you miss times before Google and Facebook? Times with no ads and precise targeting. Times when you could freely surf the internet. Those times are gone… forever! Google knows you better than your family. It knows what you search for, when your search, it

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Picture of a tooth

Less than 1% of dentists have figured this out

Have you been told that to grow your practice you need to spend money on advertising? Have you been told that to attract new patients you need to spend hours on social media, constantly come up with new blog articles, run SEO, PPC and Facebook

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